Razor Ribbon


Barbed tape products are not designed or intended for residential application. These products are not to be used as ground barriers on commercial applications. Ground barriers should only be used in locations such as military installations and correctional facilities.

The manufacturer recommends that all barbed tape be installed on existing fences or walls not less than 7 ft. above ground level. This material shall also be installed in such a manner as to present a clear and highly visible element of danger, and to avoid any and all contact with pedestrian traffic. Do not attempt to conceal, disguise, or transform these products under any condition or application. Eastern disclaims legal accountability from any and all damages, claims, and legal actions as the result of injury caused by improper installation or failure to comply with the relevant laws, codes, and ordinances applicable to these products. Be certain to check all local regulations governing security fencing products, and specific zoning requirements and restrictions as they may apply. The use of protective gloves and proper installation tools by experienced personnel is recommended.

  • Razor Ribbon – Barbed Obstacle Tapes
  • 18″ Diameter 50′ Roll Galvanized
  • 18″ Diameter 50′ Roll Stainless Steel
  • Razor Ribbon Tools
  • Automatic Tie Twisting Tool
  • Razor Ribbon Ties
  • Steel 16-Gauge x 8″ Double Loop Tie Galvanized
  • 18-Gauge x 8″ Stainless Steel Double Loop Tie

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