Internal Slide Gates


  • Gate frame made of 2” square aluminum tubing the alloy and temper to be in accordance with 6063-T6. Tube shall be 0.94 lbs./ft. All members welded into a rigid 1-piece unit. There will be 2 truck assemblies, each having 4 factory lubri- cated and sealed roller bearing wheels that operate inside the track. A cantilever overhang support panel shall be provided for each leaf of the gate. The overhang shall be a minimum of 40% of the opening.
  • Chain link fabric shall be installed using hook bolts that are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the frame. To these hook bolts the fabric will be attached
    by means of a tension bar which is laced through the last link of the fabric. The hook bolts are 15” on center and on all 4 sides of the gate.
  • Diagonal adjustable 3/8” galvanized truss rods shall be provided inside each panel of the gate. All 8’ sections shall have a double rod (one in each direction).
  • The track and top-rail aluminum extrusion combination weighing 3.72 lbs./ft. shall withstand a 2,000 lb. reaction load.
  • Truck assembly is a swivel type with a galvanized steel base unit and 4 lubri- cated sealed ball bearing rollers. Each roller is 2” in diameter and 9/16” in width. The truck shall have 2 side rollers to assure alignment inside the track. Truck assemblies are held to post using a 5/8” galvanized bolt. Truck assembly to withstand a 2,000 lb. reaction load.
  • Gate post brackets, latch and keepers are galvanized steel.

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